Dan Williams graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1978 with a degree in medical illustration. He had a few publications in journals; Experiments in Laboratory Animals, as well as a guide for ultrasound technology at Carbondale Memorial Hospital. He could not see himself behind a desk for most of his life and went into medicine,. He practices as a Physician Assistant in northern Illinois. Over the last few years, he has combined his obsession for the outdoors and his pen and ink drawings and Dan Williams Art was created. 


An award winning artist, Dan frequently shows his work in local art shows. 

Married and living in the country, his muse is the changing seasons, numerous encounters with wildlife and his wife’s photography.


His wife, Christina, is a nature, wildlife and product photographer, providing much of his inspiration. To see her wonderful work, please visit: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/christinawilliams

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Instagram: @DanWilliams_art